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Cosmetic Procedures You Could Consider To Enhance Your Smile

by Danielle Fletcher

One of the first things that people notice when they meet each other is their smile. Therefore, it plays a significant role in the first impression that you give off. It is not unheard of to find individuals who may have imperfections in their teeth trying to conceal them by not smiling. However, what this does is make you look closed off. Luckily, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you have the option to enhance your smile. The following are some of the cosmetic dentistry services and procedures that you could consider.

Cosmetic veneers

One of the more popular cosmetic treatments people opt for when it comes to rejuvenating their smile is cosmetic veneers. This is largely due to how simple the procedure is as well as virtually pain-free. Veneers can be used to camouflage a wide selection of imperfections ranging from chips, cracks, staining and more. Veneers are typically made from porcelain and have a shell-like appearance. The cosmetic dentist will bond the veneers directly onto the front of your teeth, thus ensuring that they blend in seamlessly with your natural structure of your teeth. Once you get veneers, all you need to do is ensure that you carry out your regular oral hygiene and they will last you for a significant time to come.


Another popular cosmetic procedure you could consider for your dental imperfections is crowns. These appear similar to veneers with the main difference being that crowns are designed to encapsulate your entire tooth. Although crowns can be used to rectify dental problems such as discolouring, they are better suited at restoring the structural integrity of chipped or cracked teeth. Dental crowns function to prevent further deterioration of the tooth, especially if the tooth had developed extensive decay that required parts of it being removed.


Invisalign treatment is a temporary procedure that you could have to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. In years past, the most common technique of treating these imperfections would be by using metallic braces. However, some adults may find that having metallic braces makes their dental problems all the more conspicuous, which makes them become wary of correcting the problem in the first place. Invisalign is ideal for these people as the clear aligners are barely detectable. Therefore, you can go through your tooth straightening without having to worry about your peers knowing about it.