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Why Pregnant Mothers Need to Pay More Attention to Their Oral Health

by Danielle Fletcher

If you are planning to begin a family, you and your partner have a tremendous amount to consider. You've got to think about the months of pregnancy leading up to the birth and how you're going to cope with it physically, mentally and financially. You have to start looking long-term and make preparations for the well-being of the child in its new home. Yet while all of this is in mind, have you stopped to think about your own health as an expectant mother? In particular, what about your oral health – did you know that you have to pay even more attention to this while pregnant?

Why It's Difficult to Focus

While most people understand that they should pay attention to their general oral health, sometimes when pregnant mothers-to-be have difficulty focusing on this. One of the unfortunate byproducts of pregnancy is frequent bouts of nausea and this can often mean that a visit to the dentist, or an extra oral care regimen can be the furthest thing from the mind of the unfortunate sufferer. There are many other physical symptoms as well and increased demands, all of which need attention themselves.

Health Links

Yet it's very important to remember that there is a direct link between oral health and general health. It is thought that the development of disease within the mouth can be directly linked to potentially serious health conditions elsewhere. The bacteria associated with diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis have been linked to respiratory disease, diabetes and cardiovascular issues, amongst others. It is also possible that unchecked oral bacteria could be transferred between the mother and the forming baby, at the same time as nutrients are passed across.

Premature Risks

It's possible that in serious cases this could lead to inflammation, which in turn could result in the premature delivery of the baby and the associated problems that this may cause going forward.

Expert Advice

This is why it's especially important for pregnant women to pay additional attention to their oral health and to schedule visits to the dentist for advice. It's a good idea in any case to develop a good relationship with a family dentist, as you will need to take the infant in for initial observation and regular checks thereafter, to ensure the child's dental health is well cared for.

Taking Action

As soon as you find that you're pregnant, make a point to call your dentist's office and set up an appointment.