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4 Reasons You Should Stick with Just One Dentist

by Danielle Fletcher

Unless you need to stick with one particular dentist for insurance reasons, you'll probably enjoy the option to simply visit any dentist at any nearby surgery instead of registering with just one. Some people prefer the freedom that this provides, and it might be a better option if you frequently need to travel to other parts of the country for extended periods.

However, most people will strongly benefit from registering with and sticking to just one dentist. Here are four reasons why.

1. Organise Regular Cleanings

One of the biggest problems that comes with not sticking with one dentist is that it's much harder to organise regular visits. Even the healthiest mouths should be examined by a dentist once or twice a year to check for any problems, and this obviously becomes more important if you have any oral health issues. When you register with just one dentist, they'll usually be able to organise your next appointment before you leave; you just note it in your diary for a few months' time, then cease worrying about it until the chosen date. If you're not a regular anywhere, it becomes tempting to only see the dentist when you notice that something is wrong, which means you're less likely to catch potential issues early.

2. Developed Understanding of Your Oral Health

Any qualified dentist will be able to take X-rays, perform visual inspections, and get a good idea of your oral health. However, staying with one dentist allows them to build up a more detailed understanding of your oral health. If you previously had trouble with a filling, for example, your dentist will be able to remember what went wrong without having to consult their records.

3. Convenient Record-Keeping

Your dental records should be stored for years, even if you only go to a dentist once, so any other dental surgery will be able to request details of previous dental work, from X-rays to surgery reports. Of course, it's a lot easier for everyone involved if you simply stick with the same dentist.

4. Easing of Dental Phobias

It isn't exactly uncommon for people to develop a phobia of the dentist, and even people who can cope well enough are unlikely to look forward to visiting one. Going to one dentist instead of flitting between many makes things nicer since you will get to know that one person. You might not end up being best man at their wedding, but you will find it nicer to go into the surgery knowing you'll see someone with whom you have already developed an acquaintance. It's just less unnerving than visiting a complete unknown.