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Why Braces Are Not Just For Youngsters

by Danielle Fletcher

Do you think that braces are just for kids? This is a prevalent misconception in society, perhaps because a lot of the marketing associated with braces is meant to target this particular demographic. If you're more mature and have been thinking about how to get your teeth straightened, the good news is that braces can certainly be a course of action for you. What do you need to consider first?

Why Adults Can Benefit

While braces may originally have been invented to help set up younger teeth for better functionality and appearance, the fact remains that misalignment can occur throughout an adult life. It's often associated with tooth loss. If teeth fall out or are extracted by a dentist, the remaining teeth can drift apart or together, but this drifting won't occur in an orderly fashion.

Why Consider Braces?

It's always best to have a full set of well-positioned teeth if at all possible. In addition to the boost you can get to your self-confidence (and social life) from having a great smile, teeth that are more properly aligned will be far easier to clean. This will mean that you can avoid decay and gum disease as you age.

Periodontal Health

To determine if you are a good candidate for braces, visit your dentist who will be able to evaluate the full state of your periodontal health. This means not only the health and positioning of your teeth, but also the condition of the gums and of the bone. Braces generally work by gradually moving individual teeth, which affects the supporting bone. It's always best to bring any kind of issue associated with periodontal health into line before beginning treatment with braces so as not to aggravate any underlying condition.

Certain Considerations

So long as you don't have any serious general health conditions, such as advanced diabetes or heart issues, then you will usually be a good candidate for braces, no matter how old you are. Just bear in mind that certain drugs used to treat conditions such as arthritis can make the process a little more complicated or take longer for the treatment to work.

What's Your Answer?

To find out how you specifically would benefit from braces, you need an analysis of your dental health. To do this, it's best to schedule a visit with a dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible. They can tell you about all of your teeth straightening options.