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4 Signs Veneers Will Beat Braces for Correcting Your Diastema

by Danielle Fletcher

A diastema is simply the proper medical name given to a gap between two teeth. Many people have such gaps, and they are usually nothing to worry about from an oral-health point of view. That said, many people with a large diastema between the upper incisors dislike the look and wish to close the gap.

The two main options for accomplishing this are veneers and braces. Each option has its own drawbacks and benefits, but veneers will often make a better option. Here are just four signs that you should opt for veneers instead of braces to correct your diastema.

1. You Want Faster Results

One of the most compelling advantages of going with veneers instead of braces is that you will get the results you're after a lot faster. The process of fitting veneers usually takes place over just two dentists visits. After the second, most patients will walk out of the dentist's office sporting a brand-new smile. With braces, you'll have to wait months for your teeth to become properly aligned.

2. Your Other Teeth Aren't Misaligned

Many people who have a large diastema enjoy teeth that are otherwise well aligned. In such cases, it seems a little excessive to wear braces. After all, you'll still need to wear a full set, which means braces across both your upper and lower teeth. You'll go through all the inconvenience and soreness of wearing braces despite the fact that only two teeth actually need to be moved.

3. You're a Mature Adult

Despite what many people think, the teeth actually continue to shift around in the mouth throughout a person's life. However, the teeth tend to move around more while the body is growing, and that is one of the reasons teenagers typically don't need to wear braces as long as adults do in order to achieve the same results. If you have a large diastema, your dentist may have to perform a frenectomy, which refers to a reduction of the labial frenum that rests between your upper incisors, in order to ensure that the braces will be able to do their job. This is more likely to be necessary in adults since their teeth won't be able to shift as easily.

4. Your Front Teeth Are Small or Stained

Braces are a great way to straighten out your teeth, but they cannot change the size of your teeth or correct any discoloration. Veneers place a whole new surface over your teeth, so you can make the front teeth larger and any shade of white your wish. This is often advantageous for people with a large diastema, since the gap is sometimes due to undersized teeth. In the rare situation where one of your teeth is broken or chipped, veneers will clearly be a better solution than braces.

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