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How Dentists Can Replace Teeth

by Danielle Fletcher

Did you know that the modern-day dentist has the capability to replace a tooth in your mouth that may have been missing for many years? It used to be felt that implants were only really practical very soon after the original tooth had been removed for whatever reason. However, now the dentist is able to restore your bite and appearance quite a long time after the fact. How is this accomplished and how does this benefit you?

Natural Resorption

When a tooth is removed due to excessive decay, the body immediately starts to compensate for the loss. The bone that was supporting the tooth is to a certain extent deemed to be redundant and it starts to "melt" away in a process that is known as resorption. In other words, the volume of the bone in that particular area is not as dense as that which surrounds it and this is quite a natural process.

This used to make the job of the restorative dentist quite difficult, as the bone structure may not have been strong enough to accept the implant pin itself. Now, however, the experts are able to precisely define the condition of the bone in the surgical location and if necessary they can add a certain amount of bone material to it to prepare.

Modern-Day Answers

This can be accomplished using a variety of different and successful techniques. Bone grafting material can be added to the site beneath the gum tissue and special "membranes" will then be added on top, in order to stimulate and develop regeneration. The body will use its own natural mechanisms to enhance this regeneration and healing, to prepare the site for the subsequent implant.

Precise Planning

Dentists have access to a variety of technologies to help them plan this procedure out. They can use X-rays, imaging machines like CAT scans and can very accurately determine how much bone is available in the target area, to receive the implant pin as the first part of the process.

The Outcome

Once the dentist is happy that the site is "strong" enough to proceed and very clear about the precise positioning of the pin, then the implant can go ahead very successfully. Remember also, that the material used to create the crown (which sits on top of the implant) is so advanced these days that the tooth will not only look and feel just like the others all around it, it will be very strong and durable as well.

Your Assessment

Have a word with your dentist to see how you can get any gaps in your existing tooth structure replaced as soon as possible, for better bite function and aesthetic appeal.