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What's the Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

by Danielle Fletcher

If you need some dental work, you may be confused about the right restorative process. Do you need to have veneers or crowns? Aren't they one and the same? If you are a little confused by this terminology, what do you need to know?

What's Best for You?

While a crown and a veneer are both made from porcelain, they are intended for different purposes. They each look like normal teeth, but your healthcare professional will have to determine which one you are eligible for, according to your current situation.


Veneers are essentially very thin ceramic layers and they are intended to replace enamel which has worn away on your teeth. They are actually affixed to the outside of the tooth, although some of what is already there may need to be reduced a little bit in order to accommodate the new attachment. Usually, this solution is used when you're really looking for an aesthetic improvement. Perhaps you have some cracks in the odd tooth, or you're not happy with either the shape or the colour of your existing range.

Substantial Work

Conversely, a crown is a more "substantial" solution. It's intended to replace most of the enamel on the tooth itself. In this way, the replacement will cover the existing remains of the tooth, all the way down to the level of the gum. Usually, you would be a better candidate for this solution if there is more evidence of decay or significant damage to the existing teeth. The dentist will need to do more prep work on the existing structure, in order to accommodate the new crowns. Crowns can represent more of a dramatic improvement, of course dependent on the existing condition of the teeth.

Crowns As an All-Round Solution

Crowns are just as beneficial when it comes to changing your appearance, however. In fact, if you have quite a significant colour change to the base teeth, veneers may only achieve a partial solution. This is due to their nature, where you will be able to see through their translucent material to a certain extent. In these cases, you may be expected to benefit more from crowns. In every case, crowns are recommended for your back teeth due to the tremendous biting forces and the need for a very strong solution.

Finding out What's Best for You

Have a word with your dentist to see whether you would benefit more from veneers or crowns, as part of an overall attempt to improve your bite and appearance.