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When It May Be Time to See a Cosmetic Dentist

by Danielle Fletcher

If your teeth are crooked, chipped, cracked, or otherwise don't look their best, you may not be thinking of visiting a cosmetic dentist because of the cost and time involved in getting those teeth fixed. However, there are some very good reasons to consider such a visit and to think about having those problems addressed; note when it may be time to make an appointment for a consultation, and why.

1. Cracks on the tooth's surface

A slight crack on a tooth's surface may not be very unsightly so you may not think of having it fixed. However, as with a crack on any surface, a crack on a tooth's surface is only likely to get bigger and more serious over time. This can lead to a chip in the tooth, where part of it breaks away, and a jagged edge that cuts into your cheeks or gums. If the crack is on the top of the tooth, this can lead to a cavity that exposes the nerves, which is quite painful. In all these cases, the cracks and chips of the tooth can become so severe that the tooth bed is compromised and it can then become loose, and you might eventually lose the tooth altogether.

A cosmetic dentist can fill in that crack with a bonding agent that then dries and hardens. This will protect the tooth and help to avoid future damage.

2. Gaps between teeth

You may not think much of gaps between teeth, but these can be more serious than you realize. Teeth rely on each other for support and when there are gaps between them, a tooth may start to shift around in the gum line. It may then actually become loose, and you might risk losing that tooth. Additionally, the gaps can mean exposed gums that can become injured when you eat or brush your teeth; this can be painful and also may mean a higher risk of gum infection. A cosmetic dentist can install a small wire brace that gently pulls teeth together or may fill in that area with a bonding agent, as mentioned above.

3. When you're self-conscious

There is no reason to be self-conscious about your smile, and problems with your teeth can mean being hesitant about meeting new people, speaking in public, or even dating and socializing. Considering the number of inexpensive and quick procedures that cosmetic dentists offer today, you should have no reason to forego a visit in order to simply improve your appearance and self-confidence.