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4 Reasons Elderly People Should Replace Removable Dentures with All-on-Four Implants

by Danielle Fletcher

For obvious reasons, seniors are more likely than younger members of the population to have missing teeth. Additionally, seniors will often have lost their teeth before tooth replacement technology made the advances seen in recent years, so many will still use removable dentures as dental implants just weren't as available a few years ago as they are now

Even though the idea of having any kind of surgery might be daunting for an older person, there are several reasons why they should consider replacing those old removable dentures with all-on-four dental implants.

1. Fixed Solution

One of the main problems that comes along with wearing removable dentures is that they can fall out of position while talking or eating. This can be extremely embarrassing, leading wearers to avoid eating or speaking very much in public. Unfortunately, the issue tends to be more common with the elderly since their jaw bones will have shrunk, providing less of a grip of the denture. With all-on-four dental implants, two implants are fitted to the upper jaw and two are fitted into the lower jaw, then fixed bridges are supported by them. You'll never have to worry again about dentures coming out.

2. Works Around Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost, it is no longer able to provide pressure against the jaw bone in which it is set. Without that pressure, the bone will start to be reabsorbed, leading to the collapsed facial expressions often seen in the elderly. This can eventually make regular denture impossible to wear, but all-on-four dental implants hold the solution. They will provide pressure against the jawbone to prevent reabsorption, and all you need it four firm pressure points. If the jaw bone is already significantly worn down, a bone graft can be performed.

3. Fast Procedure and Recovery Time

Many seniors understand the benefits that implants hold over dentures but are unwilling to put up with all the surgery. After all, the body becomes less able to recover as it ages. Fitting individual implants to cover a whole set of lost teeth can be excessive, and it will take many surgical procedures in order to complete. However, all-in-four dentures can often replace a single arch in just one session since only four implants need to be fitted.

4. Increased Comfort

Finally, elderly people will love the comfort of using implants. The problem with removable dentures is that they sit right up against the gums, which become softer and easier to bruise as the body ages. This usually means that tougher foods are avoided. All-on-four dental implants will provide a solid chewing surface that places minimal pressure on the gums, so you'll be able to eat the foods you used to love without feeling any pain or discomfort.

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