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What You Need to Know If You're Considering Braces to Straighten Your Teeth

by Danielle Fletcher

It's good to know that you have options if you're not happy with your general appearance. You may be particularly self-conscious about your smile, especially if you are younger and very keen to make a good impression. At any age, braces could be a saviour in your case, but you may not be very familiar with them or the way that they work. How have braces become such a huge part of the dental business today?

What's Involved In The Process?

Braces are used by orthodontists in order to very slowly straighten teeth that may not be growing in the correct direction. These experts use a bracket and band system, which can straighten teeth either in front or at the back of the mouth. The laws of physics come into play, as a very precise amount of tension is put on each tooth, to pull it in the opposing direction to which it is naturally growing. This type of tension is provided by tiny wires that are attached to the brackets.

Once brackets have been attached to the teeth, the wires are curled into specific positions, gradually increasing that tension. The wires will have a natural tendency to unravel from their "wound" position, and as this happens the teeth that they are attached to will move as well.

Gradual Development

This isn't, of course, something that you can see with your own eyes as it happens, because it is very subtle. Your teeth are secured to solid bone, but the bone is also connected to the teeth through ligaments, which do have some flexibility.

How the Magic Happens

The ligaments are constantly developing and changing in normal, day-to-day life. Therefore, they will accommodate the changes being made by the braces and start to provide reinforcement to the process. Additional ligament will form to replace that which is being "pulled away," and new bone will form gradually.

Working out Your Plan

Everybody's mouth is different, and the dentist will do a lot of research before providing you with a restorative system. A number of x-rays will be taken, and this will give the orthodontist a good idea of the end result before work even starts.

Have a word with a specialist if you're not happy with the way that your teeth look now. No matter your age, it's very likely that they will be able to come up with a better alternative for them.