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Why Dental Implants Should Hold No Fear for You

by Danielle Fletcher

Many people have long memories, especially when it comes to a painful experience from their childhood. They may especially remember a visit to a dental surgery that didn't go so well, and that type of reflection is in the back of the mind up until the present day. The good news is that both procedures and materials have improved exponentially over the last decade or more. The dental surgery today is a very different place. If you believe that you may have to have implant surgery, why shouldn't you worry about the experience?

Revolutionary Materials

Implant surgery today relies on the use of titanium posts, which provide the anchor for the crown that goes on top. The use of titanium has being revolutionary as it has a good, natural connection with the bone beneath. It is now known that new cells will begin to grow and will accept the dental implant, making the end result very strong and long lasting.


Given that the materials used are first class, there are other reasons why you shouldn't worry about this type of procedure any more as well. Firstly, dentists have access to a lot of high-tech equipment, such as CT imaging or X-rays, in order to very precisely plan where the implant is going to be placed. They will know exactly where to make the incisions and the precise size for the channel that will accept the implant.

Local Anaesthetic

Also, due to the precision of the equipment used and the skill of the dentist, implant surgery can almost always be performed using just local anaesthetic. The dentist will only need to numb the area immediately surrounding the site of implant.

Quick Recovery

As mentioned, the surgery is extremely precise and there is very little disruption to the tissues around. This means that there will be a quick recovery afterwards. It may only be necessary to put tiny sutures in place, which will self-absorb and disappear by themselves.

Crowning It off

Dentists expect the implant site to heal very quickly and within just a few weeks after the bone is integrated with the post you will be able to go back for the fitting of the crown on top. These are also made from state-of-the-art materials and will look exactly like all the teeth that surround it.

Looking Forward

All in all, there's nothing to worry about when you schedule dental implants.