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4 Reasons Adults Should Use Fixed Braces Instead of Clear Braces

by Danielle Fletcher

During the last few years, clear braces, which can be removed at will by the wearer have become a lot more popular, especially among adult wearers. That shouldn't really come as a surprise; the ability to have your teeth straightened without wearing visible, irremovable braces is clearly going to be a tempting prospect for most adults who need orthodontic treatment.

That said, clear removable braces are not always the best option. Here are just four reasons you should go with traditional fixed braces instead.

1. Expense

There's one benefit of having braces as a teenager instead of as an adult that most teenagers tend to forget about, but it's an important one: when you're a teenager, your parents will pay for your braces; when you're an adult, you'll be footing the bill yourself. Those clear braces might look more attractive, but they also tend to cost a lot more, and that's money that you could be spending on anything from mortgage payments to holidays.

2. Ongoing Care

As well as having to worry about money, adults also tend to have more on their plates than younger people, so it makes sense to pick an orthodontal treatment that is going to work around a busier life. The trays used for clear braces will usually need to be changed every couple of weeks, while traditional braces don't usually require much ongoing attention.

3. No Self-Discipline Required

The fact that clear braces can be taking in and out at will is obviously seen as something of an advantage. However, this ability can also be something of a drawback. You might tell yourself that you're only going to take the trays out for a fancy dinner or a conference, but it can be tempting to keep taking them out for longer periods. This can be a common problem, and one that isn't going to help straighten your teeth. With fixed braces, the treatment method is there for good until the process is completed. You can just forget about it and go on with your life.

4. More Effective

Last but not least, fixed braces have simply been shown to be more effective than removable ones. Teenagers will often have braces fitted in order to correct relatively minor issues. However, having braces fitted as an adult probably means that you're suffering from a more complex or serious issue. Fixed braces tend to be more effective when dealing with such issues, so they usually make a better choice.

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