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The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

by Danielle Fletcher

If you long for a Hollywood smile, or even if you're just not happy with the general appearance of your natural teeth, help could be at hand in the form of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers could give you a cost-effective and affordable option to dramatically improving the appearance of your teeth, without the need for surgical procedures such as implants.

Porcelain veneers act just like false fingernails, covering your natural teeth to hide and correct imperfections. Tooth preparation requirements are minimal, the application process is painless and the veneers are designed to be permanent.

Here are four ways in which porcelain veneers can transform your natural teeth into the perfect smile you've always dreamed of.

Correction of tooth discolouration and staining

Your teeth may be discoloured or stained due to an inherited condition or simply due to eating foods that cause staining, such as coffee and red wine. As you age, your teeth tend to become yellow in colour, and some drugs can also cause greying. Sometimes, tooth whitening can remove surface discolouration, but it won't help with stains that are seated deep within the tooth. Veneers are colour-matched to blend with your other natural teeth, leaving you with a fresh, whiter smile that doesn't look false.  

Correcting damaged teeth

It's very common for teeth to become chipped and damaged either through trauma or simply by wear and tear, especially if you tend to grind them in your sleep. Sometimes, teeth may be oddly shaped, making your smile look lopsided. Veneers can cover these abnormalities, making your teeth more evenly and attractively shaped. However, if your teeth are very badly damaged such that they are left very short, a crown might be a better option and your dentist will advise you on this.  

Disguising teeth that are too small or short

If you have front teeth that are too short and are consequently disproportionate to your lips or gums, veneers can be used to make the teeth look longer and improve the look of your mouth.  

Correcting poorly spaced or misaligned teeth

Seriously misaligned or crooked teeth may require correction with braces. However, small imperfections, such as a minor gap between the two front teeth, can be effectively disguised with the application of porcelain veneers. Veneers may also be recommended for use in conjunction with some orthodontic solutions.

In conclusion

Porcelain veneers can provide a great solution for problems such as discoloured or stained teeth, misaligned or slightly damaged teeth. Ask your dentist for more information on how porcelain veneers could improve your smile.