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4 Surprising Causes of Yellow Teeth

by Danielle Fletcher

You may assume that teeth always get yellow as you get older, or that only smoking and coffee will stain teeth, but there are many other causes of yellow teeth beyond age and what you put in your mouth. It's good to know these causes so you can avoid them as much as possible. You also need to understand why it's important to have a dentist address yellowing teeth, as products you get over the counter aren't going to be effective in many cases. Note a few causes of yellow teeth, and then discuss your options with a dentist if and when your teeth become discoloured in any way.

Grinding your teeth

People often grind their teeth at night while sleeping without even realizing it, or during the day when under stress; this grinding can easily wear away the healthy enamel of the teeth. In turn, teeth are more prone to microscopic cracks that let in bacteria and other harmful substances than can discolour the tooth's surface. Your dentist can fix those cracks and then also fit you with a mouthguard of some sort, in order to protect your teeth from this grinding.

Accidents and impacts

Like grinding the teeth, accidents and impacts will often crack the tooth enamel, even though you might not notice this in the mirror. These cracks then also let in bacteria, food particles, and the like, and will allow your teeth to become stained. Your dentist can fill in these cracks, as mentioned above.


It's thought that antibiotics can stain teeth while they're developing in the gums. If you took any type of antibiotics as a child, this can mean stained teeth as an adult. Because the yellowing happens from the root of the tooth outward, your dentist may need to provide you with veneers for your teeth rather than bleach them.


Does a parent, or both parents, have yellowing teeth, but isn't a smoker or heavy coffee drinker? If so, yellowed teeth may simply run in the family. The shade of whiteness of your teeth is controlled by genetics, just like the colour of your hair or skin. Some families simply have stronger, whiter teeth, while others will have weaker teeth and teeth that discolour more readily. In these cases, your dentist may also need to use veneers, as bleaches may not address this inherent problem.

Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening options for your issue.