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Dental Work: 3 Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Crowns

by Danielle Fletcher

Broken and chipped teeth are a very common dental issue. In the old days, if you broke or chipped your teeth, the dental crown which would be used to carry out repair work would be made using a metal alloy. Although a metal alloy substance provides the structural strength required to repair your teeth, it is not the most discreet material, as it is very different in colour to the surrounding natural teeth. Thankfully, these days, dental patients can opt for porcelain crowns. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of choosing porcelain crowns.

Porcelain creates a natural look

The major benefit of opting for porcelain crowns over metal alloy crowns is that they look much more natural. Porcelain is very close in shade and hue to the colour of natural teeth. This can help to reduce any levels of self-consciousness you may feel after the dental repair work. However, if your teeth are heavily stained by coffee, tobacco or wine, you may wish to have them whitened, so they match the clean look of the porcelain dental crown.

Porcelain is a malleable material

Another benefit of choosing porcelain is that it is a highly malleable material. This malleability allows a skilled dentist to easily mould the material to fit onto the damaged tooth correctly so that it matches the contours of your oral cavity. However, as well as being malleable, once it has cured and hardened, porcelain is a highly durable and robust material which will stay in place and protect your teeth for a long time to come.

Porcelain dental work can solve other dental problems

While you may primarily seek in the insertion of porcelain crowns in order to repair a chipped or a broken tooth, the work could also help to solve a range of other dental problems. For example, if your teeth a misaligned, have gaps between them or are discoloured, a porcelain crown can help to improve the look of your teeth, as the dentist will be able to use the porcelain to change the shape and the colour of your tooth.

If you would like further information about the benefit of porcelain crowns, you should contact your local family dentist today. However, if you have a chipped or a broken tooth, this is a potential dental emergency so you should immediately contact an emergency dentist who will be able to offer a temporary repair until you decide how to proceed.