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Did Your Child KO Their Tooth? Here's What You Need to Do to Save the Day!

by Danielle Fletcher

Whilst you can usually plan your dental visits well ahead of time, dental emergencies are completely different. There are several situations that can qualify as dental emergencies, but one of the most frightening and worrisome occurs when your child knocks their tooth out.  From sports accidents on the footy field to play wrestling to unintended collisions, there are a number of ways that children can knock a tooth out. Below, you'll learn what you can do when this dreaded problem occurs. Don't worry -- the tooth may just be saved if you act fast enough!

Contact Your Emergency Dentist 

The first thing to do after your child's tooth is knocked loose is to contact your emergency dentist straight away. Timing is crucial when the tooth is knocked loose, as the tooth is living tissue that can die quickly. Ideally, the tooth should be re-implanted within 15 minutes. It's generally best to phone the emergency dentist to let them know you're en route whilst you're on the road. Most emergency dentists will be happy to work you into the schedule promptly when you let them know about the knocked out tooth.

Preserve the Tooth

Retrieve the knocked out tooth straight away, touching it only by the crown. If the tooth landed in dirt or dust, you can lightly rinse it off under lukewarm water. If your child is able to keep the tooth in place with their tongue, the recently vacated tooth socket provides the best preservation for the tooth. However, sometimes young children or even agitated older children might not be able to keep the tooth in place without risking swallowing.

If keeping the tooth in its socket isn't a possibility for any reason, a glass of cow's milk can be an excellent substitute. In fact, a study at the University of Queensland concluded that cow's milk out-performs even specialised emergency preservation kits when it comes to preserving the tooth. Cow's milk contains the same kind of preservations contained in saliva, making it the ideal option when you need an emergency preservative. The best part about using milk as a preservative is that most parents always have it on hand. 

Keep Your Child Calm

Whilst it's obviously quite upsetting to see your child with a sudden gaping hole in their smile, it's important to remember that your child takes their behavioural cues from you. The calmer and more positive that you remain, the better your child will handle this whole emergency dentistry experience! 

If you ever face an unexpected tooth loss with your child, you now know how to handle it. The odds of saving the tooth are excellent if you take action straight away. Your child's smile can be saved, whether it involves re-implanting the tooth or creating a realistic replacement. Contact your emergency dentist to learn more now!