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Before Your Child Has a Check-Up at the Kids Dentist: 3 Ways to Prepare

by Danielle Fletcher

There's no doubt that children can be hesitant, fearful, or even downright stubborn about visiting the kids dentist. Whilst your child's concerns are understandable—nobody really loves check-ups, after all!—those concerns can be dealt with quite effectively if you take the right steps. Choose a supportive, caring, and experienced kids dentist, and then prepare your child for their next check-up in the following ways. 

1. Schedule Your Own Check-Up Just Before Theirs

Whilst you might see a different dentist than your child does, you can take your child along to your check-up so they can see that it's really not scary at all. During your own check-up, ask your dentist if your child can observe from a distance. If your child sees that you're calm and collected during your check-up, they're much more likely to model this behaviour when it's time for their own check-up. When you're leaving the dentist's office, you might even want to tell your child that their own dentist is even better than yours—and that you're jealous that they get to go to the special kids dentist and you don't. 

2. Read a Book That Makes Dentistry Less Scary

Storytime is often the favourite time for young children, and that means you have an opportunity to change their views of dentistry without them even realising it. Consider choosing a couple of books about visiting the dentist, such as "Elmo Visits the Dentist", "The Tooth Book" or "Toothless Wonder." These books are written especially for young readers who may be worried about their dental visits, and they approach the topic in a light and humorous way that your child will enjoy. 

3. Buy New Dental Care Supplies

Around a month before your child's check-up, take them to the local supermarket or pharmacy to choose brand-new dental care supplies. Tell your child that they get to choose their own dental supplies because they're preparing to really impress the kids dentist at their upcoming check-up. Allow your child to select a new soft-bristle toothbrush (sized for their mouth,) any flavour of toothpaste they wish and even a children's mouthwash if they like. Selecting their own dental care supplies makes your child feel more grown up and helps them to feel in control of the situation. 

By using the three tips above, you can prepare your child for dental check-ups as effectively as possible. Be sure to ask the dentist to give your child some positive feedback on their dental care habits before you leave—it might even mean that your child looks forward to the next visit instead of dreading it!