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What Are Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

by Danielle Fletcher

People choose to have cosmetic dental procedures carried out for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, they are carried out for making a person feel more confident by improving the appearance of their smile, for example. There again, cosmetic dentistry might be recommended because of damage that has occurred from a blow or, perhaps, following a surgical procedure on the mouth.

The fact is that what is termed 'cosmetic dentistry' often has more to do with improving a set of teeth than it has to do with pure cosmetics. As such, few patients have exactly the same motivations for choosing them. What's more, there are many different types of procedure on offer nowadays. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, then read on to decide which option might be best for you.

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, teeth can become stained following a prolonged exposure to decay or from smoking for a long period. Tooth whitening procedures can help deal with these issues as well as restoring teeth to a paler look if you have stained them from drinks like cola, red wine or coffee, for instance. Plaque and tartar need to be removed first, so this is not the option for you if you are still dealing with those issues. If your teeth are healthy and you want them to look whiter, however, then ask your dentist about the many whitening procedures available to you.

Tooth Implants

This is a more invasive type of cosmetic procedure which is often recommended if teeth have been lost due to a trauma or from certain types of decay. Low-corrosion screws are drilled into your jawbone and this supports a tooth implant, such as a crown, which will mirror the shape of your existing teeth. These are usually made to suit the individual and graded so they look as white as your remaining teeth.

Tooth Veneers

This is a relatively simple form of cosmetic dentistry which is good for covering up misaligned or chipped teeth. With a veneer, your dentist will glue a specially made cover onto your incisors so that when you smile only the veneer is exposed. They look like natural teeth and are strong enough to withstand biting. Tooth veneers can be made to look whiter than your natural appearance and spaced so that your teeth appear to be more uniform than they actually are. The adhesive lasts for a long time so you don't need to worry about the veneers falling away.