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Are Lingual Braces the Best Option for Trumpet Players?

by Danielle Fletcher

Anyone who wears custom braces to straighten their teeth has to make small adjustments to their everyday lives. For example, you usually have to modify your diet and the way you eat during treatment.

In some cases, wearing braces on the front of the teeth has more of an impact on your life than it does for other people. If you play a brass instrument like a trumpet, for instance, then your orthodontics may interfere with your ability to play.

Why do braces affect your playing style? And will lingual braces make a difference?

How Braces Affect Trumpet Playing

Braces that sit on the front of your teeth initially make it harder for you to play your trumpet. These braces affect your teeth, your mouth and the inside of your cheeks when you play.

So, your braces may make your lips and mouth feel and work a little differently. You may need to alter their positioning a little to get the results you want from your trumpet. You may also need to take extra care that your braces don't rub against your lips or cheeks when you play.

While regular practice and a bit of time fix these issues, you may not have the time or desire to retrain your braced mouth. For example, if you play professionally or even just recreationally in an orchestra or band, then you may not want to take a time-out to pick up skills that your braces have affected.

If you're worried about how braces will affect your ability to play your trumpet, then opting for lingual braces could be an easy fix.

How Lingual Braces Help Trumpet Players

Lingual braces are pretty much exactly the same as braces that go on the front of teeth. However, these braces fit on to the inside of your teeth. They work from behind the teeth rather than from the front.

This positioning could make it a lot easier for you to carry on playing your trumpet without interruption. You don't have to adjust your playing technique because your braces won't affect the position of your lips and mouth in the same way. So, you won't have to relearn basic playing skills.

Your orthodontist can explain more how braces might affect your ability to play the trumpet. They can also help you get custom braces once you decide what would be best for you after consulting with them.