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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Those Baby Teeth

by Danielle Fletcher

If you're responsible for raising a growing child, then you've got plenty to think about. You are fully responsible for his or her welfare and must make sure that they are well fed and looked after at every step. You will certainly want to take them to a doctor should any issues arise and ensure they get the right vaccinations on time. Yet you may not pay as much attention to their dental care as you should if you think that they are too young. Why is this an incorrect assumption?

Never Too Soon

As your baby gets a little older, they will start to develop their teeth, and their initial set will eventually be replaced by a more permanent one. These primary teeth are often called baby teeth, and you may expect them to fall out on their own accord. These are the teeth that get put underneath a pillow at night when they fall out so that the tooth fairy can turn them into cash.

Importance of Primary Teeth

While this tradition is all well and good, you shouldn't take those primary teeth for granted, and you should get into the habit of taking your children to visit a dentist. This initial set of teeth has a specific purpose, after all, and they need to create the right pathway for the more permanent teeth that will follow.

In some cases, primary teeth can last into the early teens until they are finally replaced by the permanent ones. Of course, this is a long time, so you will definitely need to pay close attention to their care.

First Consultation

In an ideal world, you should take your child in to see the dentist shortly after their first birthday. Typically, this will not involve any treatment of any kind, but the expert will certainly be able to conduct a full examination and see how everything is coming along. If they can see any issues or think that extra care may need to be taken, then they can advise you at that time. They can also show you how to clean the teeth properly and give specific advice about dummies, pacifiers or other issues.

Catching Up

Talk with your dentist as soon as possible, especially if you have not scheduled a visit before. After the first consultation, they will give you a specific care routine and let you know when to bring the toddler in for the next exam.

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