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Crucial Considerations When Looking for an Emergency Dental Clinic

by Danielle Fletcher

Nobody wants to experience a dental emergency because most episodes are excruciatingly painful. Unfortunately, dental emergencies occur when you least expect. Therefore, it is necessary to find a dental clinic that offers emergency services to alleviate the pain and prevent extensive damage to your teeth. When looking for an emergency dental clinic, you should consider a few factors since they act as pointers to the kind of service you are likely to receive. 


Emergency dental services are readily available. Therefore, it is common for some patients to engage city specialists although they live in the outskirts. However, it is best to receive treatment as soon as possible when you need emergency dental care, which can be challenging if you have to travel 50km. For instance, an emergency dentist can put back a knocked tooth as long as the root is not damaged, but you must get to an emergency clinic within 2 hours. The longer it takes to reach an emergency room, the higher the chances that you might lose your tooth. Therefore, always ensure that an emergency dental clinic is reasonably close to your residence, office, or school. 

Discounts for Uninsured

Anything that requires emergency care can set you back financially, and emergency dental care is no different. As such, dentists advise patients to buy a health insurance plan to help them cover the cost of emergency care comfortably. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford health insurance with dental care coverage. If you belong to this group, look for emergency dental clinics that offer discounts to uninsured patients. Fortunately, some emergency dentists understand the issue and provide discounts to any patient who does not have insurance. Alternatively, some emergency dental clinics have payment plan options, such as instalments, which uninsured patients can use. Such plans do not hurt financially and ensure that you get the best possible treatment. 

Reliable Referral System

Some oral injuries can be so severe that they extend to other areas near the mouth, such as the nasal cavity or the throat. While an emergency dental clinic can address a broken tooth, severed tongue, or cheek, they might not handle the other injuries. In such cases, you need an emergency dentist with a reliable referral system. For instance, once a dentist has attended to your broken teeth or jaw, they should immediately call and refer you to a specialist who can look at the other injuries.   

Reach out to an emergency dental service near you for assistance.