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Three Common Repairs Your Denture Clinic Can Do In No Time

by Danielle Fletcher

Dentures are fantastic prosthetics that can really help those who struggle with their teeth lead a much more normal and enjoyable lifestyle. There is nothing worse than being self-conscious about your teeth and not wanting to go out because you might have to eat or even smile at someone. However, once dentures are in, you can still develop problems that need to be addressed, just like you would with your real teeth. Here are three common denture repairs that any denture clinic would be happy to assist you with and that you should never simply suffer through. 

Changing The Interior Plastic Mould That Hurts Your Gums

Dentures are in your mouth for long periods of time, and due to this high amount of wear and tear, they can become worn and misshapen. That can lead to the interior plastic side of the dentures getting warped out of shape, which in turn leads to a very uncomfortable fit for you. This can make chewing, swallowing and even talking hard to do. Don't let an ill-fitting denture ruin your time out and about when the solution is very simple. Also, never try at-home fixes that you may find online, as these are risky and you may potentially cause even more damage that results in the dentures being unsalvageable. 

Fixing Cracks Or Chips

Dentures are not invincible, and they can crack and chip due to accidental force put on them, such as accidentally biting into a fork or bone. These cracks and chips are much easier to fix than they would be if they happened to real teeth, so don't feel the need to hide them from your denture clinic when you visit for a regularly scheduled appointment. Often they can be fixed the same day, within just a couple of hours, and then your dentures will look as good as new once again.

Replacing Missing Teeth

On rare occasions, particular parts of your dentures can fall off or get displaced. Dentures are, after all, meant to mimic real teeth, and that is a potential problem for them as well. When parts of dentures get broken off, you may need to have a new one prepared due to the placement and structural integrity of the overall apparatus, but that is not a universal rule. A denture clinic is the place to go, as they have all the necessary equipment to save your dentures, if possible, or replace them, if necessary.