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What Services Can You Expect From A General Dentistry Service

by Danielle Fletcher

A significant portion of oral health care providers consists of general dentists. The rest consist of dental specialists, such as orthodontists. General dentistry practitioners offer restorative and preventative oral health care. Furthermore, unlike paediatric dentists who primarily serve children, general dentists also care for people of all ages.

There are several inherent benefits of visiting a general dentistry office over a specialist dentist. Here are a few reasons why you may want to visit a general dentistry service.

If you have cavities

Tooth cavities are incredibly common either due to poor oral hygiene or a diet that doesn't incorporate the nutrients necessary for healthy tooth growth. As a result, many patients who visit a general dentistry office are mainly looking for restorative oral services.

Before your dentist performs any treatments, a thorough oral examination must be done to ensure your other teeth are healthy. Once that is done, your general dentist will check the condition of your afflicted tooth to confirm if a filling is sufficient to repair the tooth.

In some cases, if the tooth is badly infected, your general dentistry practitioner may recommend the services of a specialist instead. That ensures you get the best treatment option available to restore the full functionality of your affected tooth.   

Cosmetic dental services

What are cosmetic dentistry services?

If this is the first time you have come across this term, these treatments are used to augment an individual's smile. Teeth whitening and the use of veneers are very common cosmetic treatments that can be used to enhance your smile.

Fortunately, these services are readily available at your local general dentistry practice. Cosmetic dental services are perfect for you if you have stained teeth and are often embarrassed to smile. You can have your teeth cleaned and whitened, giving you a bright and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Many patients often report getting a major boost of confidence, which can go a long way in improving your productivity at work and boosting your social life.  

Teeth cleaning

Most dentists advise that you have your teeth checked at least once every six months. Not only can you catch oral problems early before they require intensive treatments, but you can also get your teeth cleaned.

Why is cleaning so important?

Cleaning your teeth is critical in preventing gum disease, which would otherwise lead to early loss of teeth. It also helps to prevent the discolouration of your teeth.

By visiting your general dentistry practitioner regularly, you can get this quality preventative care, ensuring you maintain a healthy set of teeth for a relatively long time.

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